Digging for Britain
Rare TV for BBC Network (1 x 60”)
Five weeks cutting an Episode of the BBC’s flagship archeology show.
Series 11 for BBC and international sales.
Remote off-line.

Panorama – Challenging Putin: Moscow And The Mutiny
BBC London Current Affairs for BBC One Network (1 x 30”)
Jane Corbin investigates the Wagner mutiny and where it leaves President Putin.
Remote off-line.

The One Show 
Rare TV for BBC One Network (3 x 4”30)
Three VTs for The One Show, highlighting uplifting stories from around the country.
Remote off-line.

Daniel O’Donnell In Concert   (7 x 60”)
KCP Management for PBS, RFD and SBS
Full Post on this live concert series for RFD, coast-to-coast broadcast on PBS in America and on SBS in Australia.
Full Post-Production.

BBC Bristol Specialist Factual for BBC One Network
Edited a series of four short films presented by Adrian Chiles, reporting on the plight of Hill farmers in Wales for the BBC’s flagship rural affairs programmme.
Remote off-line.

Panorama – Crisis Pregnancy Centres Uncovered
BBC London Current Affairs for BBC One Network (1 x 30”)
Divya Talwar’s shocking undercover investigation into some of the UK’s unregulated crisis pregnancy centres.
Remote off-line.

BBC Studios for BBC Wales
A few weeks cutting stories for this ob-doc series about the drivers and staff of the biggest haulage company in Wales.
Remote off-line.

BBC Bristol Specialist Factual for BBC One Network
8 weeks cutting VTs, bolting and polishing Eps for BBC’s flagship rural affairs show.
Remote off-line.

Secrets of the Middle Aisle    (1 x 60”)
Firecrest Films for Channel 4
Denise van Outen fronts this one hour, revealing how the discount stores keep us coming back to peruse the middle aisle.
Remote off-line.

Expert Witness Series 2
Rare TV for BBC One Network
9 weeks on this 15-part returning true crime doc series for BBC Network and international sales.
Remote off-line.

Irish Traditional Music Awards
Big Mountain Productions for TG4 (1 x 100”)
4 x 7-minute VTs about the winners of this year’s awards.
On-line, Grade, Mix and Delivery.

Panorama – Ukraine’s Resistance- Standing Up To Putin
BBC London Current Affairs for BBC One Network (1 x 30”)
Paul Kenyon reports from Ukrainian, on how they’re defending their country.
Shared remote off-line.

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day
Big Mountain Production for BBC NI & TG4 (1 x 60”)
An hour of Multi-camera music and chat, celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day.
Full Post-Production.

Inside The Factory
Voltage TV for BBC Two Network
Two months cutting this popular specialist factual series, its seventh run.
Shared remote off-line.

Daniel O’Donnell In Concert
KCP Management for PBS
Full Post on 2 x live concerts for coast-to-coast broadcast on PBS in America.

BBC Bristol Specialist Factual for BBC One Network
A few days cutting VTs for BBC’s flagship rural affairs magazine show.
Remote off-line.

The One Show’s “One Big Thank You”
BBC Bristol Specialist Factual for BBC One Network (9 x 5”)
Nine weeks cutting this weekly VT, surprising people who have done great work for their communities,
with celeb fronted hidden camera set ups and big screen messages.
Remote off-line.

Panorama Special  – Are You Scared Yet, Human?

BBC London Current Affairs for BBC One Network (1 x 60”)
                                             for BBC Worldwide  (1 x 52”)
A major one-hour Panorama investigation into how Artificial Intelligence is changing our world,
is being used for increased state surveillance and how the race for AI supremacy
could lead to conflict between the US and China.
Remote off-line.

The Truth About Your Rubbish
Below The Radar for Channel 4 Dispatches (1 x 30”)
Lucy Siegal investigates how millions of tons of the UK recycling waste, is actually being incinerated.
Remote off-line and grade.

The Truth About Amazon
Firecrest Films for Channel 4 (1 x 60”)
Investigation into how Amazon is taking takeover almost every aspect of on-line trade.
Remote off-line of episode two of this three-part series.

Dirty Secrets of American Food: Coming to a Supermarket Near You?
Firecrest Films for Channel 4 Dispatches (1 x 60”)
Morland Sanders investigates the dangerous foods we could be importing from America,
if the US get their way in the up-coming trade deal.
Remote off-line.

Panorama “China’s Coronavirus Cover Up”  – London Current Affairs for BBC Network (1 x 30”)
Carrie Gracie’s investigation reveals how China deliberately covered up the outbreak, causing the current worldwide Pandemic.
Remote off-line.


World’s Most Scenic Railways  – Brightspark Films for Channel 5 (3 x 45”)
Remote On-Line and AQC for one of Channel 5’s most popular shows.

Portillo’s Empire Journey – Transparent TV for Channel 5 and TCB (4 x 45”)
Michael Portillo explores the British Empire and its legacy.
Remote On-Line, AQC and Delivery.

Stories Of Us – BBC Studios for BBC 1 Network (8 x 60”)
How people find spirituality in their ordinary lives.
Shared remote off-line.

A Very Yorkshire Brothel – Transparent TV for ITV1 and TCB (2 x 60”)
Ob doc mini-series following a family run business.
Additional editing.

Drunk Tank – Transparent TV for Channel 5 and TCB (2 x 45”)
Exploring the drinking habits of young Britons.
Additional editing and Remote On-Line, AQC and Delivery to broadcaster.

Billion Pound Boutique – Dragonfly for Channel 4 (1 x 60”)
Ob doc following the journey of African flowers from their growth to their sale at the biggest flower auction house in the world in Holland.
Additional remote editing.

Sugar Babies – Transparent TV for Channel 5  and TCB (1 x 60”)
Ob doc following three women in the UK who date for money.
Remote Off-line.

Hurt to Hope – DLTV for World Wide Conference of Women’s Aid (1 x 20”)
Survivors of domestic abuse tell their stories.
Full post-production.

St Patrick’s Day with Daniel O’Donnell – Big Mountain for BBC (1 x 60”)
Daniel O’Donnell celebrates Saint Patrick’s day with guests in this one hour music special.
Full post-production.

Secrets of your Takeaway – Firecrest Films for BBC 1 (1 x 30”)
Tina Dehealey investigates how big tech disruptors like Just Eat and Deliveroo are running illegal kitchens with fatal consequences.
Off-line edit.


Trump – What Next? – BBC Panorama for BBC 1 ( 1 x 30”)
On the eve of the midterm elections, can President Trump survive calls for his impeachment?
Off-line edit.

Weinstein: The Inside Story – BBC Current Affairs for PBS Network, USA (1 x 60”)
Documentary revealing the complex web of lawyers, journalists and private detectives deployed to keep Harvey Weinstein’s secrets hidden. BBC / PBS Co-Production.
Off-lined the Frontline PBS version.

Blackburn Re-Visited – BBC Panorama for BBC 1 ( 1 x 30”)
Racial tensions in Blackburn were the subject of a Panorama in 2008. Ten years later,
has anything changed? https://vimeo.com/252723017
Off-line edit.

One Track Minds – OMAS Media / This Is Very Fine Productions (1 x 30”)
Filmed, edited and directed a half-hour pilot for a new music television format.
https://vimeo.com/246949433    Password: otmtv1

Degrees from Extinction – JFR Media (1 x 20”)
20-minute pilot for a feature length documentary about global warming, filmed all over the world.
Producer / Director: Joyce Ferder Rankin. Executive Producer: Dan Rather from CBS News.
Full post-production.

The House of Saud  – BBC Current Affairs for BBC2 (3 x 60”)
Exposing corruption and human rights abuses in one of the richest countries in the world.
Off-lined one episode.


The Big Bank Fix – BBC Panorama for BBC1 (1 x 30”)

BBC Economics correspondent Andrew Verity reveals the banking scandal that goes all the way to the top of the Bank of England. https://vimeo.com/212711307

Off-line edit.

Britain’s Benefit Cap – Belfast Current Affairs for BBC1 (1 x 30”)
Richard Bilton investigates the devastating effect of the latest Government’s benefit cap on the poorest and most vulnerable families in the UK.
Off-line edit.

ATC Branding Video
Branding video for Nick Cave’s management company ATC.
Full post-production.

Trump: The Kremlin Candidate? – London Current Affairs for BBC1 (1 x 30”)
John Sweeney investigates the leaked CIA dossier and the “Bromance” between Trump and Putin.https://vimeo.com/199839348

Off-line edit.

Panorama – Trump’s New America – London Current Affairs for BBC1 (1 x 30”)
Hilary Andersson explores what the Trump Presidency means for America.
Off-line edit.

Why We Voted Leave: Britain Speaks – London Current Affairs for BBC1 (1 x 30”)
Adrian Childs explores the fallout for Britain, after the Brexit Referendum.
Off-line edit.

The Big EU Reality Check – London Current Affairs for BBC1 (1 x 30”)
Nick Robinson separates fact from fiction in this pre- Referendum doc.
Off-line edit.

Inside Europe’s Terror Networks – London Current Affairs for BBC1 (1 x 60”)
Peter Taylor investigates how ISIS set up and ran the terror networks behind the Paris and Brussels attacks.
Off-line edit.

How Hackers Steal Your ID – London Current Affairs for BBC1 (1 x 30”)
Fast turnaround investigating the hacking of UK Company Talk Talk and the relevant issues around cyber security.
Off-line edit.

Is This Rape? Sex On Trial – BBC NI Factual for BBC3 (1 x 60”)
New format exploring the issue of consent within teenage Sexual relations. Put forward by BBC 3 for a BAFTA nomination for best young people’s programme.
Nominated for a Broadcast Award for Best Original Programme.
Shared Off-line edit.

Britain’s Biggest Diamond Heist – London Current Affairs for BBC2 (1 x 30”)
Fast turnaround investigation into the Hatton Garden safety deposit vault robbery.
Shared off-line edit.

Portillo’s State Secrets – BBC NI Factual for BBC2 (10 x 30”)
This series follows Michael Portillo as he discovers state secrets revealed in recently released cabinet papers.
Shared off-line edit.

Spotlight – BBC NI
BBC Northern Ireland’s flagship current affairs programme.
Edited many fast turnaround weekly programmes over the years.
Off-line edit.

BBC Network Daytime Tasters
Edited two BBC Northern Ireland taster pitches to BBC Network Daytime Commissioning Editor, Jo Street, Resulting in two series network commissions, “First Time on the Front Line” and “Portillo’s State Secrets”.
Off-line edit.

Daniel O’Donnell: One hour 30th Anniversary Special – Big Mountain for TG4 & BBC
Filmed at the Millennium Hall in Derry, Daniel performs with many special guests.
Full post-production.

Opry from Newry – Big Mountain for TG4 (7 x 60”) ( Have done 8 series so far)
Live music multi-camera concerts, filmed in Newry Town Hall, with VT inserts featuring top Country Music artists from Ireland and the USA, Presented by Daniel O’Donnell.
Full post-production.

The 1952 Show – BBC NI for BBC 1 Network (5 x 60”)
BBC Network Series presented by Len Goodman. A look back at the stories that made the headlines in 1952.
Shared off-line edit.

Father and Son – Big Mountain for BBC NI and TG4 (1 x 30”)
Documentary exploring the relationship between sons and their famous fathers.
Repeated annually on Father’s Day on TG4.
Full post-production.

Craft Master – Big Mountain for RTE (6 x 30”)
Reality series looking for the best of Irish craft makers. BAI funded competition series judged by six masters of Irish crafts.
Full post-production.

Mary From Dungloe – Lugh Films for TG4 (1 x 60”)
Docu-drama telling the true story of the woman behind Donegal’s famous beauty pageant, her banishment to Australia for an illicit love affair and what became of her family.
Full post-production.

How The North West Was Won – Waldovision for BBC NI / BBC 4 (1 x 60”)
Archive documentary about the history of Ireland’s largest outdoor sporting event.
Full post-production.

Traffic Blues, Series 2 – Big Mountain for RTE (6 x 30”)
Ob doc series following the Garda Traffic Corps, covering road crime around Ireland.
Full post-production.

Are You Related to an American President? – Big Mountain for BBC NI (1 x 60”)
Seventeen US presidents claimed Irish ancestry. This documentary follows two people from Northern Ireland as they trace their family tree back to the White House and beyond.
Full post-production.

Joey Dunlop Remembered – Waldovision for BBC NI (1 x 30”)
Marking the 10th anniversary of the death of the most successful road racer of all time.
Full post-production.

Queen of Music – Lugh Films for BBC NI and TG4 (1 x 60”)
Filmed over the course of a year, in Ireland and France, this ob doc follows a group of musicians trying to revive the traditional harping techniques that disappeared in the 17th Century.
Full post-production.

Amharc Aneas (View from the South) – BBC NI and TG4 (4 x 30”)
I was commissioned to write, produce, direct and edit this series which combines insightful interviews and clips of the Irish Cinema Newsreel “Amharc Eireann” which was filmed from 1959 to 1963. The series explores the relationship between Northern Ireland and the Republic in the period before the start of the Troubles. The series was put forward by TG4 for a nomination to the Focal Awards for Best of use of Archive.  It is still repeated annually on TG4.
Full post-production.

Breaking Boundaries – Zanzibar Films for Setanta Sports and BBC NI (1 x 60”)
Documentary that follows the Irish Cricket team on their amazing roller coaster journey at the ICC’s Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean.
Full post-production.

Bright Edge – Big Mountain for BBC NI (10 x 30”)
Fast turnaround weekly entertainment show, cut on location in Newry.
Full post-production.

Stanley Woods – Forgotten Hero – Waldovision Ltd for RTE (1 x 60”)
Documentary that tells the remarkable story of the pre-war motorcycle racing champion, who at one stage was the most famous Irishman in the world.
Full post-production.

Vets – Ulysses Films NI for TG4 ( 6 x 30”)
Six part television drama series about the goings on in a rural clinic.
Full post-production.

Fear Na nOillean – Lugh Films for TG4 (BCI) (1 x 60”)
The story of how one man saved the threatened population of Tory Island.
Winner: “Gold Torc Spirit of the Festival” award at the Celtic Film Festival 2007.
Full post-production.

Charge of the Bike Brigade – Waldovision for BBC NI (4 x 30”)
Archive series detailing the birth and growth of road racing in Northern Ireland.
Full post-production.

Secrets of the Lough – MGTV for BBC NI (6 x 30”)
Magazine series presented by Stephen Nolan detailing interesting things to see and do around Belfast Lough.
Full post-production.

Headrush – Ipso Facto / Zanzibar Films HD Feature Film starring Stephen Burkoff.
Irish Dutch Co-Produced feature film. Drug fuelled black comedy caper.
Winner of multiple international awards.
Film Editor.

South City Beat – Stirling Productions for BBC NI (6 x 30”)
Ob-doc series covering the transition from the RUC to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.
Off-line Edit.

The 1960s in Ireland – Independent Pictures for TG4 (9 x 30”)
Archive series detailing the huge cultural and social changes in Ireland during the swinging 60’s.
Off-line Edit.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals Live at the Point – Zanzibar Films
Multicamera concert edit for a US DVD release.
Off-line Edit.

1798, Then and Now – Louis Marcus Productions for TG4 (1 x 60”)
Documentary on the legacy of the Irish rebellion.
Off-line Edit.

The Irish Condition – Louis Marcus Productions for RTE (6 x 60”)
Major documentary television series, examining the identity of the Irish on the centenary of the founding of the Gaelic League.
Off-line Edit.

Into The West with Jim Sheridan for Miramax
Producer Tim Palmer, who I had previously worked with, asked me to re-cut the film with Jim, before delivery to Mirimax.
Additional Off-line.

25 Years of The Beach Boys – Black Cat Productions (1 x 60”)
In depth documentary on their first 25 years. Sold Internationally.
Off-line Edit.

The Cranberries: “Uncertain” – Cornerstone Films for Island Records
Their 1st single release.
Off-line Edit.

The Frames: “The Dancer” – Cornerstone Films for Island Records
Their 1st single release.
Off-line Edit.

Employment History:        1991 – present: Freelance Editor. 

1990 – 1991: Staff Editor at Screen Scene, Dublin. Credits for that year include:
The Cranberries 1st single “Uncertain”. 25 Years of The Beach Boys”, one-hour documentary.

1989: Editor/ Sound Recordist at Anner Post-Production, Dublin.
Edited news, corporates, documentaries and music videos in 1” tape suites.

1988 – 1989:  Location Sound Recordist and VT Editor at Scanner TV, London.
Travelled the UK, covering news events with foreign correspondents.  Also cut current affairs programmes and daily half hour news programmes for Italian and Scandinavian stations at Visnews.

1988: Staff editor at Number Ten Post-Production, Dublin.
Edited over 30 music videos directed by Eugene O’Connor and several hour long documentaries for PBS America including “The History of Flight” and “Rommel – The Desert Fox”.

1984-1986: Runner at Windmill Lane Studios.
Trained in all aspects of Film, Video and Audio post-production at Ireland’s leading post house and recording studio, when U2 were recording with Brian Eno.

1981- 1988: Film Location and Edit Assistant for Louis Marcus Film Productions.
16mm and 35mm location filming around Ireland and assistant film editor to my father, twice Oscar nominated documentary film maker, Louis Marcus.