OMAS Media offers a complete post-production service including digital media management, off-line, on-line and colour grading, sound dubbing, mastering and file based delivery.

The acoustically treated studio has D65 lighting for EBU compliant colour grading.



AVID Media Composer Ultimate –latest version with Symphony, Phrase Find and Script Sync

Full suite of AMA access Codecs including RED RAW and ARRI
DPP Tool v1.3.141 for AS11 Compliance and Metadata Creation
Vidchecker Post v6.3.1 for International Standard File Delivery Export and Validation


AVID Pro Tools SE version 8.0.3
with Digi-Design Rack plug-ins and extensive loop and Sound Effects libraries
Orban CBS and ITU BS.1770 Loudness Metering
Z Plane PPMulator XL PPM and Real Time LUFS R-128 Loudness Metering
Grim Audio Full EBU R-128 Loudness Compliance Processing
PAS Full Audio Spectrum Analyzer Pro Monitoring
Darkwood – Full Nordic and BBC Specification PPM Meters



Flanders Scientific LM-2461W 24” Grade 1 Full HD Calibrated Broadcast Monitor
LG 50″ Full High Def 3D Plasma Display
Sony LMD 2110W 21” HDMI /SD-SDI Monitor
Sony LMD 530 Triple 5.6” SD Scope and Preview Monitors
2 x Tektronix 601A SDI Waveform Monitors / Vectorscopes
2 x Hamlet 301 Waveform Monitors and Vectorscopes
1 x Hamlet 601A SDI Waveform Monitor / Vectorscope with RGB Parade
LG HD 3D Blu Ray Player


Soundcraft Spirit SX 16:4:2 Mixing Desk
Palmer Monicon Master Volume Control System
Alesis Midiverb II 16bit Stereo Digital Effects Processor
Lexicon MPX 100 Dual Channel Digital Effects Processor
Genelec 8030A Shielded Active Control Room Speakers
Mordaunt-Short Shielded Floor and Bookshelf 5.1 Surround Speakers
Joe Meek VC3Q- 1970’s Microphone Pre-Amp
Focusrite Platinum Track Master Microphone Pre-Amp
AUNA HD-SDI De-Embedded 5.1 Surround Sound Amplifier
NAD Amplification 3130 and C320 BEE
RTW Plasma BBC Spec PPM Meters
Behringer Pro XL MDX2600 Outboard Stereo Compressor
Sound Treated Vocal Booth with talkback and Video Monitor
Client Headphones DA with Bayer Dynamic DT770s

Assorted Microphones Include:

Shure SM7B Condenser Voice
Sennheiser ME 40 Condenser Voice
AVID Vocal Studio USB Stereo
Sony ECM 50PS Electret Condenser
Sure SM 58 Dynamic Vocal

Music Facilities:

A Range of Guitars, Basses, Keyboards, outboard effects and sound modules

Ampeg, Trace Elliot and Marshal Amplification

Machine Room:

Windows 10 Professional HP Z820 Workstation with 32 gigs of RAM
G-Tech 4 Port 3 Gbps E-Sata Card
AJA IO Xena Express HD/SD-SDI I/O
Sony HDCAM SR, HDCAM, XDCAM, IMX, Digibeta, Beta SP, Beta SX, and HDV
Panasonic DVC Pro, DVCAM and Mini-DV Decks
Fostex Time-code DAT
AJA Gen 10 SD Black & Burst and HD Tri-Level Sync Generator
Sonifex RB4 Balancing and RB DA6 Distribution Units
Blackmagic Design HD-SDI Audio De- Embedder
Blackmagic Design HD-SDI SD-SDI Cross Converter
DA Portal Pro SD-SDI Cross and Down Converter
Datavideo DAC-100 Bi-Directional DV Converter
Kramer Video and Behringer Audio distribution
HP DVD RAM, 50 gig Blu Ray and Lightscribe Burners
2 X Sony DVD-R Recorders
Samsung 1 X 7 DVD Duplicator


12 Terabytes of Transtec RAID 5 Un-Compressed Lossless Storage
64 Terabytes of G Tech E-Sata External RAID 0 Storage
20 Terabytes of assorted E-Sata / Fire-wire Storage
Full Lossless APC Pro-900 PSU Surge and Outage Protection

Leased Line Brodband Point to Point Microwave link with Redundant Back Up

Client Leisure Facilities:


Swimming Pool

Hot Tub